Yianni & Rula

Our story

   We are both born and raised in Corfu and we started this business in 1987. We tried to established our restaurant among the others by specializing in Corfu cuisine with secret recipes from both our grandmothers. We use our own virgin olive oil that we produce during the winter and also our homemade wine. In order to cook we use only local groceries and the finest quality of fresh meat and fish. We start early in the morning cooking, approximately 6-7 portions everyday for every dish, so we keep our food fresh.  We try to make you feel special and experience not only our delicious meals but also the greek hospitality. By the time our customers join our restaurant we consider them as guests to our second home since this restaurant is our home and we are a family business!   

Last but not least you maybe wonder why our restaurant is called Squirrel?

Well, here is the answer...

Due to a squirrel nest that was on top of a walnut tree, which unfortunately we had to cut down, we named our restaurant "Squirrel" in honouring the homeless Squirrels.