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Here's a taste of our Corfu specialties.

Corfu Specialties 

We also have a large variety of starters!!!


Layers of fresh aubergines and potatoes layered with beef minced meat in tomato sauce and covered with creamy bechamel sauce, cooked in the oven.



Homemade beef meatballs seasoned with local herbs, cooked in the oven in tomato sauce with extra virgin olive oil served with chips and rice or pasta.



Veal slowly cooked in white sauce based on garlic and wine, seasoned with rosemary and parsley, served with chips and rice or pasta.



Traditional Sunday corfiot dish with cockerel, slowly cooked in the casserole in wine tomato sauce seasoned with a mix of herbs and spices, served with pasta.


Lamb Lemonato 

Lamb cooked with artichokes, potatoes and carrots in an aromatic fragrance sauce of dill and lemon. 


Fish Bianco 

Fresh sea bass cooked with potatoes in white sauce flavored with garlic, fresh lemon juice and seasoned with parsley.



An old traditional recipe with cod and leeks, in red spicy sauce slowly cooked, seasoned with paprika and chili peppers.


Seafood Pasta

A pasta dish with a variety of seafood, cooked in white sauce based on garlic, ouzo and sprinkled with parsley.



Chicken Fillet 11€

Chicken Fillet Souvlaki (2 sticks) 12€

Lamb Souvlaki (2 sticks) 15€

Pork Chop 12€

Steak 17€

Homemade Beef Burger 11,5€

Homemade Beef Burger filled with cheese 12,5€

Lamb Chops 16€

Mix Grill - Selection of Meat 18€

Fresh Sea Bream (≈400 gr) 17€

Fresh Salmon 18€

King Prawns (peeled) 19€


Tzatziki 4,5€

Spicy Cheese Dip 5€

Feta Cheese 6€

Feta in the Oven 7€

Saganaki (fried cheese) 7€

Homemade Cheese Pies 6,5€

Butter Beans in the oven with tomato sauce 7€

Homemade Courgette Balls 7,5€

Homemade Meat Balls 8€

Briam (selection of vegetables in the oven in spicy tomato sauce) 8,5€

Horta-Seasonal Greens 6€

Skordalia 4,5€

Garlic Mushrooms on the Grill 8€

Aubergines in the oven with tomato sauce & cheese 8,5€

Fresh Mussels Steamed with Garlic 10,5€

Prawn Saganaki in tomato spicy sauce & cheese 11,5€

Mussels Saganaki in tomato spicy sauce & cheese 9,5€

Deep Fried Fresh Anchovies 8,5€

Deep Fried Squid (calamari) 12€

Prawn Cocktail 10,5€