Squirrel Restaurant

Family run business since 1987

Corfu cuisine and local specialties!

 Whether you are looking for traditional Corfu cuisine, fish or meat dishes, "Squirrel Restaurant" is highly specialized in them. 

Corfu Specialties

Fresh dishes daily prepared


Traditional Sunday corfiot dish with cockerel, slowly cooked in the casserole in wine tomato sauce seasoned with a mix of herbs and spices, served with pasta.



Roasted veal slowly cooked in its own juices with extra virgin olive oil and a touch of garlic, served with chips or pasta.



Veal slowly cooked in white sauce based on garlic and wine, seasoned with rosemary and parsley, served with chips and rice or pasta.



An old traditional recipe with cuttlefish (type of calamari) based on red spicy sauce slowly cooked, seasoned with paprika and chili peppers.


Fish Bianco 

Fresh sea bass cooked with potatoes in white sauce flavored with garlic, fresh lemon juice and seasoned with parsley.



Layers of fresh aubergines and potatoes layered with beef minced meat in tomato sauce and covered with creamy bechamel sauce, cooked in the oven.



Homemade beef meatballs seasoned with local herbs, cooked in the oven in tomato sauce with extra virgin olive oil served with chips and rice or pasta.


Seafood Pasta

A pasta dish with a variety of seafood, cooked in white sauce based on garlic,ouzo and sprinkled with parsley.


Our motto "freshness & simplicity!"

The menu features traditional Corfu fare, fresh dishes prepared daily from Gianni & Rula owners of this small restaurant. The secret ingredient?    They keep it simple by using only fresh local products and of course their own production of virgin olive oil. The wine list is an interesting selection of Greek wines but they also serve their homemade wine. If you are looking for an experience of the real taste of Corfu cuisine this is the place!

Freshly cooked daily food!

Cooking with passion

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Monday - Sunday  19:00 p.m - 23:00 p.m

Squirrel Restaurant Corfu
Kato Korakiana, Ipsos, Corfu, Greece, 49083.